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Copywrite 2011:
Myrene's Corner
Newberry, FL 32669

I dedicate Myrene's Corner to my mother, who taught me to sew and inspired me to achieve anything I dreamed of.
Myrene’s Corner Copyright Notice

All designs sold by are Myrene’s Corner copyrighted to Myrene’s Corner. Artwork presented will be a Myrene’s Corner originals, or from Non-Exclusive or Exclusive Clipart and credit for such clipart will be posted on the website and proof of license will be furnished upon request.

All questions pertaining to specific copyrights should be directed to gpgmp1@cs.com and they will be directed to the appropriate associates.

Designs by Myrene’s Corner maybe used for personal use, gifts or for sales on projects, with the exception of mass produced projects, without limitation.

You may resize, edit or change colors of designs with the following restrictions:

1. All designs edited by the end user for sale projects shall attach a tag or notice stating the design was edited from the original Myrene’s Corner design.

3. Designs edited or altered in any form, i.e. combining designs, resizing or converting will be at the risk of the end user. Myrene’s Corner will not be responsible for results of any edited, converted or sized designs.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO edited or resized design may be sold or shared as a digital design.

Reproducing, copying or editing of the design for resale or sharing in any form as a Machine Embroidery design is strictly prohibited. This copyright also extends to all original artwork owned by Myrene’s Corner.

This copyright Notice is retroactive on all previous Myrene’s Corner designs and replaces all previous copyright notices.